Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two of a kind

                                     Ellen and me on the steps of Kendall Hall 
                                     at Mount Holyoke College.

Turns out my friend Ellen O'Neil is in an air cast also. Ellen, Smith College's cross-country coach, is uncertain exactly what has been causing her pain; she thinks she aggravated an old ankle injury by running and will find out for sure tomorrow.

I also have an appointment tomorrow to gauge how well my stress fracture has healed. My foot has been feeling pretty good. My only concern is that after Ellen and I met on the steps of the gym yesterday and today, I walked with her a little farther than I have been going because I am getting antsy and because both days were nice. Now I am feeling a few twinges. I have remembered not to use the comfort of the cast as an excuse to overdo it; I hope I didn't blow it the past couple of days.

Anyway, we did have two nice walks, talking about a lot of different things other than our matching leg gear.

I'm still taking Percoset; without it my tongue still hurts too much. It is healing well, but as you can imagine, it is a sensitive area. I am taking less than I did immediately after the surgery a little more than two weeks ago, and I am no longer watching the clock to see when I can take more.

The day began and ended with sitting on steps.

Maddie has been shedding a lot and needs to be brushed frequently...or else you just end up vacuuming or sweeping her hair up off of the floor. The sun was just beginning to set when I finally got around to it today. I took my coffee outside and sat on the step in front of the back door with the dog in front of me. The grass looked extra green, the flowers bright. Maddie sat patiently, sniffing the crisp air and watching the cars go by. It was one of those small moments where everything seems right.

Plus, I sat down and got up without getting into any more trouble. It wasn't so long ago that once I got down, I needed help getting up.

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Cheryl said...

That is certainly progress Ronni. I am so pleased to hear that things are improving in lots of areas. Didn't get any dog hair in your coffee did you?