Saturday, May 21, 2011

Year in review

The contents of Katie's dorm room have spilled out and tumbled throughout the house.

She is cleaning up bit by bit, but yesterday she said she might as well stop because when the end of the world starts with an earthquake at 6 p.m. tonight, everything will spill right back out.

Ha ha. For those of you who have managed not to hear, thousands of people around the country believe in the predictions of Harold Camping, host of the Family Radio network, who has said that believers will be transported up to heaven today as a worldwide earthquake strikes, followed by five months of torment for everyone else, culminating in the end of the world.

Well, just in case this doesn't happen, she really needs to clean up. Joe graduates from college next week and will add his stuff to the mix while he stays home for a while, regrouping and figuring out his next step.

In any case, my first empty-nest-year has passed, and I survived. I was worried that it would be terrible, but everyone said that I would get used to it quickly and that, before I knew it, it would be over. I cried on and off for a couple of weeks, and then, voila, I was fine. I'm also very happy to have Katie, and soon Joe, home, as long as I don't injure myself tripping over their stuff.

It's interesting how, when you have or have had kids in school, your "year" follows the school calendar. Maybe other people do this also, I don't know.

I had set some goals for my year that I am happy to say I accomplished.

First of all was getting stronger and healthier.

Next was getting my resume and my LinkedIn page in order and writing some stories to update my clips, which stop abruptly in 2007 upon my first relapse. I also wanted to make sure I still "had it" in terms of my interviewing skills, writing and reporting.

My story on a day in the life of a pediatric oncology nurse appeared in the spring/summer issue of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Paths of Progress magazine. I also wrote two stories for Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center's website, including how to eat right for bones and joints and the controversy over whether taking calcium supplements is good for you or not.

I'm working on some other projects and even plan to continue doing so today despite predictions of the end of the world.


Chez said...

Interesting to note your 'tongue in cheeck' (hopefully) comment regarding Katie's personal 'stuff' spilling over. Pleased to hear you have survived the first year of the 'empty nest' and to learn that your health is improving.
Lovely to read your written word on health related matters.

Ann said...

Safe to say that I was not one of the raptured since it's Sunday and I'm leaving a comment. You've done so much over the past year and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I'm starting to get anxiety about going back out into the work world. As I get closer to being finished with school, I become more worried about explaining the gaps in my life. Enjoy having your chicks back in the nest.

PJ said...

Right now, I have one mini fridge in the garage and one in my apartment living room. I went to school without a mini fridge and so did my daughter. Harry had so much junk when I picked him up at school, we had to literally stuff it into my Subaru Outback leaving poor Turbo with a teensy little space. Pathetic. He proceeded to do 10 loads of laundry at the house.

Anonymous said...

Spot-on! my doctor just told me not to take supplements, and my vit d le vel was dangerously low -- 11, normal 30-100, so i tried to do some research -- did not come up with much, and had not read your blog for a few days bec i was sick, and mirabile dictu! as mr. lannon would say, the answer, and a great omen for your writing,
lies in Ronni's reportorial skills!

Merci, ma chere Runni, xop