Monday, April 4, 2011

Clean dog, wet dog

What would you do if you were a dog on one of the first days of finally-spring, when the snow and ice had melted and the path around the lake was clear? Chances are that you would not think of the recent visit to the groomer, where they clipped and filed your nails and gave you a bath that left you smooth and shiny and smelling sweet.

You might wonder for a second about the water temperature, but you'd quickly decide you didn't care.

Then you'd jump right in and go for a dip. But you're just testing the waters this time.

So you splash around a little and then return to the path.

You head home, not even giving one thought to the fact that the bath was a waste, and now you smell like lake water. After all, the smell of a dog who has been in the woods and jumped in the lake is the smell of the end of winter. And your "person" will still cuddle with you, maybe even liking the new smell better.


Diane said...

LOVE the pictures! What fun!

pam said...

Here's to the Dog! Runderful Ronni,

the infinite canine affirmation of the joy of life! A great smell! mud, lake, stick, sheer bliss!

Mom can cope -- after all, there is always the bath at the groomer's, but that scent just does not compete! There is nothing like a dog...nothing in the world...


Jim said...

Well told and great visuals!