Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day

"Ah, Opening Day. What a wonderful time of year."

Those are Joe's words coming from the den as I sit here at the dining room table and he watches the Yankees play the Tigers. Joe is home from college for a couple of days, and I like the sound of his commentary mixed with the announcers and the cheering crowds. It's still cold here, but baseball does definitely make you feel like spring might actually come.

My local dentist, Badri Debian, called earlier to check on how I feel after I had the two teeth extracted in Boston Monday. Actually, my mouth hurts a lot; I almost broke down and took an Oxycodone yesterday, but I don't like the way it makes me feel, so I just took Tylenol.

Dr. Debian said to really not worry about the spot under my tongue, and he said it so convincingly that I think I can keep my mind off of it. If I do start to worry, I'll switch to thoughts of Opening Day and all it symbolizes.


Jonny said...

Don't expect no "stinkin" sympathy from yor New York were born in New York and are wearing a Red Sox hat in your photo! You are obviously a traitor and it should snow in your front lawn until the All Star Game in July.

If your teeth hurt, suck on an icicle hanging from your ice-clogged gutters....

When the Sox are in last place I might send you a sympathetic note. For now..fuggedaboudit!

Okay, sorry. Hope you're on the mend soon....(maybe a late hailstorm in May would be fitting)

Ronni Gordon said...

Geez, Jonny,

You're spoiling the spirit of Opening Day! Anyway, the Yankees won and the Red Sox lost, so I hope you're happy now.