Monday, December 27, 2010

Searching for coffee and bagels

What's a Jewish person to do on Christmas when you don't live in a city? What if you want a good cup of coffee? Barry and I decided to investigate.

Except for the handful of Chinese and Japanese restaurants, everything was closed in normally-busy Northampton. Then we came to Starbucks, bearing a big banner, Open on Christmas Day. Success! It was shortly before 1:30 p.m. I got my cappuccino and lemon pound cake and even found a copy of The New York Times, which hadn't been delivered that morning. I was happier still.

Barry got his coffee and we found a table where we settled down for a good chat about this and that. Shortly before 2, an employee announced that the store was closing soon. We hadn't noticed that it was only open until 2. Our happiness was short-lived.

Determined, we headed for Amherst, where we found the Black Sheep deli open. Got more coffee (OK, and a strawberry peach cobbler that I decreed healthful enough to count for lunch) and found a table. It was about 2:20. We then realized that the cafe was closing at 3.

We had enough time to sit and laugh and to finish our conversation from before. Next year, the coffee search begins earlier.

Ben, Joe and Katie returned from Jim's mid-afternoon, and we had our Chinese food that night.

Diane and her family had planned to come yesterday for our delayed Hanukkah celebration, but snow began to fall by noon and continued through the day, so we postponed until next Sunday. I had a fridge full of dinner food, including two chickens, but nothing for lunch. Deb and Charlotte headed over, saying they would bring bagels.

Thus began another search, this one for a store that wasn't sold out of bagels. They tried two bakeries with no luck. At their third stop, Whole Foods, they found one bagel and assorted muffins. I put out some fruit plus cheese, crackers and salami and sliced vegetables. Next year, we stock up on bagels ahead of time. Either that or move to New York.

We had good strong coffee and a nice visit at the kitchen table while the kids hung out in the den. Ben left around 1 as the snow began to thicken. Our company left, and I walked the dog as the wind whipped up snow that stung my face. I was glad to get back inside the warm house. I baked a chicken, and then we stayed up late watching a movie...and eating the dessert I had planned to serve.

We haven't had a decent Nor'easter in a long time. It was good to feel snowed in and hear the gusting wind outside while we sat inside, cozy on the couch.

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PJ said...

We didn't have Chinese food on Christmas (we're up in the Catskills and got invited to a friend's house for dinner), but my kids got together in Providence for a movie followed by take-out. You did pretty well considering where you live. Sounds like you had a nice time with friends and family.