Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seduced by local strawberries

                                         Joe, top, and Ben used to enjoy
                                                    strawberry picking.
I broke a rule this week. I have been very good at following my dietary restrictions, but I just had to have one forbidden fruit. At 100 days I was allowed to reintroduce almost all kinds of fruit, except for strawberries because they're hard to clean. Now it's local strawberry season, and I couldn't resist. They are so much better than winter strawberries, which are often anemic-looking and have very little taste. The locals are bright red and juicy and they smell and taste summer, even though it's still spring.

I used to take the kids strawberry picking. Joe is now 19 and Ben 23, and they wouldn't think of going now. Back then we went to a nearby farm where you jumped on a wagon and the driver took you to the best fields for picking. Sometimes the kids couldn't help but sample a few. OK, it was hot, and we didn't last long, but we sure picked a lot of strawberries ...probably too many. Then the boys dropped out and Katie came with me. Now we buy them from the farmstands. In addition to having one of the best tastes ever, local strawberries bring back memories.

So I treated myself on the way back from the clinic Monday. I washed them and washed them and peered closely. They looked clean to me. We had them with biscuits and whipped cream and with waffles and maple syrup and just plain.

I was feeling a little guilty, though. I thought of Blanche DuBois saying, "I shall die of eating an unwashed grape out on the ocean."

We'll see. I will try not to gorge on them. Other fruit is tasting pretty good too. It's one of the things that go down easily.

Meanwhile, my platelets were back up to 21 at Monday's visit. Dr. Alyea was very pleased. I didn't really need a transfusion, but there were two bags waiting that were going to expire, so they gave them to me.

I am scheduled for my endoscopy on Friday. I have to go in earlier and get platelets. I have done some catastrophizing about what they will find, but I'm trying to live by the wise words that one woman said to another in the waiting room the other day.

The first woman said she was nervous about her test results.

The second woman said, "I try not to jump to any conclusions about my tests. You never know what they're going to say, so you might as well give up trying to figure it out beforehand."                                   


Howard said...

Nice to see this post Ronni and nice to let us share in a (slightly) guilty pleasure with you.

My money's on the endoscopy being a non-event. Sail through it, and enjoy the strawberries.

susiegb said...

Strawberries are a late winter fruit here in the sub-tropics - odd I know! I just planted a couple of plants on the weekend - think I'm going to go back and get some more - specially for you! :)

donna said...

Western Mass strawberries are so good! My kids and I always picked way too many and ate a lot while picking, too. That adds to the fun. Your pictures are so cute! Enjoy, but be good. So happy your counts were up again! Love you!

Susan C said...

I don't blame you for gorging on strawberries, especially after your 100-day fruit fast.

Now visions of fresh strawberry pies and strawberry shortcake are dancing in my head. Gotta' hit the farmers' market on Saturday!

Susan C said...
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Vytas said...

We'll make sure Dr. Alyea never reads this latest entry...

Actually, rather than sounding guilty, you sound like a mischievous little deserved those strawberries!

Good luck Friday; I'm with Howard on this...non event all the way!

Jay G said...

I hope you really enjoyed the forbidden fruit, Ronni. Glad you're feeling the resilience to go for it. Good luck tomorrow with the endoscopy. My gut tells me it's going to be no problema. - xo

Nelle said...

Yummm fresh strawberries. Love them on cold cereal. I treated myself to blackberries last week. I will be glad when the endoscopy is over and you get good news.
Just thought of this
"forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest" so very true!

Jim said...

Glad you treated yourself ... If there were anyone who deserved a fresh strawberry, it's you, Ronni.

Lea Morrison said...

LOVED the strawberry pictures and it makes me yearn for New England in early summer.
Just so you know, the Hutch gives strawberries the okay after 100 days as long as they are washed so I don't think you put yourself in too much danger and don't feel guilty. Happy you enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you indulged in a little guilty pleasure. Sometimes we need to be reminded what we're living for.

Mimi said...

Hi Ronni: Drove past your house on the way back from strawberry picking Saturday and didn't see any activity. Those are good memories to hold onto. Glad you are home and enjoying the fruits of summer.