Friday, August 14, 2015

It can get worse

I probably didn't need to take the whole milligram of Ativan when I got home last night but I was once again so upset after a long horrendous ride that I "treated myself." I should have probably gotten right in bed but first I made a grilled cheese sandwich because it was after 10 and I remembered that I hadn't eaten and after that I was a little unsteady.

Today: Wake up with an Ativan hangover. Drink coffee. Plan to go to 10 a.m. yoga class at the Hampshire Y. Take my computer to write someplace. Follow up with more coffee and a scone or muffin. Thought of it makes me feel better already.

I need to ask Hannah at Dana-Farber to put in a request for me to take the MART rides alone. A call taker at MART told me that I could do this when I called about a disruptive passenger who I learned was probably on her way to a Meth clinic.  If not I'm going to cancel my rides and drive alone or ask friends. These stress hormones can't be doing me any good.

This time the driver, Kenny, was OK and actually told me I was not alone in finding Alex bizarre. His real name is Igor, and he hates women and is going through a divorce and was probably acting out on me. He said the owner took all the drivers shooting but didn't want to ask Alex/Igor  because he is not quite right. Still, the owner keeps Alex/Igor on because they are both Russian.

The problem was with the company itself which scheduled two people whose destinations at both ends of the trips were not in close proximity. I was scheduled to be picked up at 12:45 but Kenny called and said could he come around noon or else the other woman would be late. I wasn't even home but I said that I would try. I was on time and she might have been a little late, which was the company's fault, not mine, but you will see that she played that against me later.

The real problem was on the ride home. Kenny said the other woman lived in Springfield and did I mind if he took her home first because he lives closer to me. Not thinking how far afield she lived, I said OK. But then this happened: It was by now 8:45 p.m., two hours into the ride, and I had already been sitting in a chair for three hours getting my blood sucked out, and she asked if he would pull up to a drugstore so she could get her diabetes medicine. Obviously she had known about this all along and if she had been up front about it I would have asked to go home first. You might have thought she would have gotten it before she left.

He said he is really not supposed to to that, and I echoed what he said. She got agitated and said her car is broken and her niece couldn't get it and I said I really needed to get home. At that point she basically lost it and started shouting at me that she had to wait for me and I was going to wait for her. I said let's just drop it and she said no she wasn't finished and she kept on carrying on. At that point I lost it and even writing it the next day brings tears to my eyes. I said let's drop it and she said she wasn't done and just kept on shouting at me.

Well it was more like 15 minutes. Kenny said he should have told her to take a cab but I think he was intimidated.

Beautiful start to the day with tennis at the Canoe Club.
Another distressing end.
Something has to change.

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