Thursday, August 27, 2015

A funny thing happened on the tennis court

George and I were partners when we played doubles at the end of our clinic yesterday, and it was set point (us) with me on the ad side, and the ball floated a little out of my reach onto his side, and he said in his monotone (he never gets excited), "mine," but the ball called to me and I flew into the air and smashed it for a cross-court winner! Game, set, match. George seemed surprised.

Well, I didn't actually fly. Basically, it seemed like that because my feet left the ground a tiny tiny bit. George always tells me I should jump because I am tall and can get more balls than I think, but it's hard for me to do. In any case it was a good morning. The black tennis skirt that Ben, Meghan and Nell gave me for my birthday improved my game. Also, as I have said before, the photoperesis is helping my movement. I feel better in my own skin. Who knew?

People say I look better. I don't know exactly how to take that because it makes me wonder what I looked like before. But I'll take the compliment.

I behaved myself all week, just taking walks but chomping at the bit (an odd thing to say since I am not a horse but it works for the situation) and wanting do more. I did go to a "body sculpt" exercise class at the Y Tuesday night so I could get some exercise in my arms, being careful to modify.

I figured tennis was OK yesterday because the stitches were due out that afternoon. Char, our resident doctor, excellent tennis player and funny man (retired from Holyoke Medical Center), said, "Just run around, they'll fall out!"

I had brought nectarines to share at our break time; I didn't cut them before because that would have made them mushy. When I offered them to George he said, "Just spear it with your knife." I was careful not to stab myself.

Today I am driving myself into Boston. I canceled my ride and am going to spend the night in Newton and drive home tomorrow so as to not do the whole thing in one day (which would mean arriving home at 9 p.m. or so). Yes, the rides with MART save money. But they were also supposed to save on energy but have done the opposite in energy expended dealing with horrible drivers and passengers. I will probably try it again next week, though.

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