Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend update

Well, the most exhausting thing I did all weekend was watch two nights of the World Series.

It's a good thing that I had energy food in Evelyn's chocolate chip cookies.

I basically managed to keep out of trouble by walking (not running) around the lake, going to yoga, playing tennis and going to the gym, where I rode a bike (boooooring) and lifted some weights.

Lest anyone think that all I do is exercise, also had coffee with friends and got a lot of other things done. I wrote my weekly blog post Surviving Cancer for Newsmax Health and did my homework for something new – serving as a volunteer tutor with the Literacy Project, which offers free classes to adults. I need to take an on-line class in teaching reading to adults, and after just a few installments I have already learned that teaching reading and writing is much more complex than just picking up a book.

Since my fall on Thursday, I have had an on again, off again headache. I basically feel fine, but I think I should call the doctor tomorrow if it is not resolved.

But hey, how about them Red Sox?

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