Friday, October 18, 2013

A pain in the ...

This whole episode is a pain in the ass. It is also a pain in the lip.

After my surgery yesterday, Dr. Neel prescribed 5 mgs. of oxycodone every four hours and gave me 12 tablets. I have taken so much of this stuff in the past that I need more to get the same result. I took one at 3 p.m. and another an hour later, giving me enough respite to write yesterday's post.

Then the pain came shooting back, along with tears. I paged Melissa, my go-to person, and she said I could take two Tylenol and an Ativan, and then around seven I could take three oxycodone if I wanted to. Katie came over, good medicine in itself.

The drug I took after my kidney surgery, hydromorphone, is stronger, and I have some at home that I can switch to when I get back this afternoon. In any case, the pain calmed down last night, but the narcotics caused a loopy, restless sleep.

This morning I got up first and made coffee. I ate a banana and took a few pills and suddenly felt faint and saw white spots around me. I got to the couch with a big glass of water and felt better after I drank it. David gave me his arm and led me back to the table. I made oatmeal and felt even better.

Meanwhile,  I drove my car to Newton but am in no shape to drive it back. I guess I thought I'd get a couple of little stitches and would be able to drive back. Or I didn't think at all.

So...Joe is picking me up today. I'll leave my car here and then over the weekend Katie will drive it back home. Then Joe will drive her back to Brandeis and drive himself back home.

It definitely takes a village.

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