Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop and see the flowers

My mother never met a flower that she couldn't use.

If a bud or bloom came off a stalk, she made a "floater" and placed it in the middle of the dining room table. She always had something beautiful to put in.

Here are some floaters that came off the hydrangea bush in my front yard. I put them in a crystal bowl that sits on silver legs. I guess this is supposed to be a serving piece, but it was better served as a place for floaters.

My mother was a habitual worrier like I am, but when she was making something beautiful, she wasn't thinking about anything else. She picked flowers from her garden and placed them in a vase so that they would fall just so. She said that when she had trouble sleeping, she worked in her garden.

Here is an example often used to describe how to be in the moment: "When doing the dishes, just do the dishes."

Putting the floaters on the table worked for me.

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