Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodbye stitches

I got my stitches out yesterday. What a relief. No more bandaged mouth.

Thanks to Korby for taking me.

We went out to celebrate with lunch at my new hangout, Panificio, on Charles Street.

Afterwards I went to tennis, where George keeps telling me how well I've been doing since my kidney surgery. I made a terrible joke, but since it was at my own expense I think it was OK. "Maybe they took out the part of my kidney that had the bad tennis in it," I said.

Then it was home to watch the Red Sox game. I'm sure the commentators will be talking all day about what was up with St. Louis. My sister said it was like watching "The Bad News Bears." I am not a sports analyst, but I have a feeling they will come roaring back tonight.

After that, I watched Stephen Colbert go to a food pantry to try to sign up for health insurance.


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Nelle said...

I love your new picture. Gorgeous! I like your joke about the tennis and kidney surgery. My husband (from R.I.) is in heaven over that first Sox game. He has his Mom mailing him Red Sox shirt which you cannot buy here. :)