Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day after surgery

The hernia repair surgery yesterday went well.

The area is quite painful, so I am back on oxycodone every four hours. I'll probably stay at Diane and David's in Newton through Friday so that Katie can drive me home after class. Then she'll take the bus back to school. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor who did the repair under my eye.

They want you to walk, so yesterday and today I took Diane's arm and went for a walk. It's so balmy here, it was nice to be outside. My legs are a little wobbly, but only mishap was when a fire alarm box jumped out from its spot on a building and hit me on the head as I turned to look at a book Diane had just bought. After a quick examination showed that I was OK, we switched sides so that I'd be away from the buildings.

Back at the house, I had received an e-mail saying the year-end tennis ratings are out. I'd been predicting that as soon as I returned to team tennis, my rating would drop from 3.5 to 3.0. (How's that for confidence?) But since I've won one and lost one, I knew I'd probably stay.

And there it was when I wrote in my USTA number: 3.5.

That made me happy.


Joanna said...

Yeah for keeping your rating. I too am a 3.5 and I know I will never be a 4.0. 3.5 is a great level to play at, competitive but not deadly serious.

How did you go in a run days before your surgery?

Ann said...

I hope you get some relief from the pain soon.