Sunday, November 6, 2011

More fun in Boston

I am enjoying a brief hiatus at home before returning to Boston tomorrow for three days of appointments.

"Enjoying" might be too strong. After the surgery under my eye on Wednesday I am not allowed to exercise for a week, and so I am a little out of sorts. Still, I am glad to be home.

It is a good thing I have a place to stay in Boston. I hope Diane and Margaret (and their spouses) don't get tired of me.

I have five appointments, and although I couldn't have gotten all of them into one day, I was hoping for two. No such luck. Oh well, I could be "stuck" in a worse place than Boston. Maybe in my free time I'll go to the Museum of Fine Arts or walk (with a tiny bit of jogging) along the Charles River. And of course I can always go read at a Starbucks.

Tomorrow I have my regular check up at Dana-Farber, followed by an appointment with the head and neck surgeon (aka the tongue doctor) to check on my tongue, or should I say the remaining part of my tongue. I'm also going to see my social worker.

On Tuesday I have an appointment at Mass. Eye and Ear to see a specialist in graft vs. host of the eye. Dr. Alyea is sending me to him because he thinks some of my eye problems might involve GVHD. I have heard that this doctor is a big big shot who has absolutely no bedside manner. I am a little worried that he's going to yell at me. (I didn't do it! It's not my fault!)

Finally, on Wednesday, I return to the repair shop to have my stitches taken out and the wad of cotton removed from under my eye. I am definitely looking forward to that visit.

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Patricia DeFosse said...

When my father had cancer, my family and I were taking multiple trips a month to Boston from Maine for his medical appointments. Similarly, we would try to find things to do in Boston in between appointment. We visited the Garden, tried out various restaurants,and we too checked out some museums. My father had oral cancer and was undergoing surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear, and therefore, the food that he was able to eat was limited. One of my favorite memories though is when we went to the Union Oyster House on Union Street in Boston because seafood was not only my father's favorite food, but it was also food that he was able to eat! If you like seafood I would highly recommend that you try it with your family (including the new addition; congrats!)Although your blogging may come to an end, your story will forever live on the Internet for others to get inspiration from. Thank you for finding this outlet during your roughest times and for sharing with the rest of us.