Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running for candy

On Monday when I increased from four to five miles, I felt the difference big-time.

It was probably not only because of the extra mile but also because my route included some hills, as opposed to my usual one-mile flat loop around Mount Holyoke's upper lake. With its soft surface and trees, it's a comfortable, sheltered place to run. Since the storm, it's been fun to walk the dog around that obstacle course of fallen trees and branches, but running there is out of the question for now. I've been going around the smaller lower lake (about 3/4) of a mile, but it's not as woodsy.

Monday's route was out on the roads. I had been doing part of it, but not the whole five miles, stopping at the bottom of the hill that leads to McCray's Farm. But I felt pretty good and decided to go for it. I reached the top of the hill OK and felt it was an accomplishment, literally and figuratively.

Going down the hill was a breeze, but as I ran over more ups and downs, I felt the accumulated effort. On the last part, I didn't want to be there anymore. It was a bit like during childbirth when you change your mind. There's nowhere to go but to the finish. Five miles probably doesn't seem like much to those who run long distances, but it's far enough if you're coming back from being way down.

As I approached our local deli, Tailgate Picnic, I had a thought: I could just stop there, get some peanut m&ms, and enjoy a leisurely quarter-mile walk back home. For some reason, when I get in a bind, chocolate often comes to mind. For example, when I was covering a boring lecture, or if I am at an over-long show or stuck in a dead-end conversation, I start to imagine the moment when I can have some chocolate.

But supposedly increasing your miles and then stopping early to buy m&m's is another matter.

I bypassed temptation and finished the run. Wow, I thought, I just did one of my old five-milers. I was glad that I had done it. I went inside, stretched, drank some water and ate some lunch. Then I drove back to the deli to get my reward.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Five miles. Nice job, Ronni!

PJ said...

You did good. I can't resist peanut M&M's and neither should you!