Sunday, May 29, 2016

Up close with Hillary Clinton (in a dream)

In my dream I went to a Hillary Clinton rally where she was effervescent and smiling and dancing around with people, a combination of jitterbug and ballet. The opposite of uptight.

She came near me and I asked if I could have a photo. She said, "If I'd have known you wanted to take my photo, I wouldn't have come with tennis hair." In fact it was a little mussed up with a little flip in the back put I patted it down and said, "You look fine."

Someone came around and asked if it was an official photo, because, if so, it would have to be approved. I said no, just for me.

She stood next to me. I said, "My sister went to a fundraiser for you and said you were really great." She couldn't remember, but one of her people reminded her that it was in Boston not too long ago.

I gave someone the camera but then other people crowded in and started trying to insert themselves in the photo. One was waving his arms around so much that he was blocking Hillary and me. The photographer gave up and when I looked at the photos, everyone was crowding in and you couldn't see us.  (Dream as political analysis: Let Hillary be herself.)

I REALLY wanted that photo, so I told her, "Oh, let me just take a selfie. It will be better than what that guy took." She patiently said OK. But the light was too bright and I couldn't find the little camera icon to switch it. Then my iPhone started going crazy. It was stuck on other peoples' Instagram photos and I was banging on it and trying to get it to switch modes, but I couldn't do it.

Hillary went and sat on a doorstep. She was close enough that I could go over and try again, but someone said to leave her alone, she wants some quiet time before her speech. Reluctantly, I said, "OK, she's going to be president and at least I can say I saw her up close."

This is what happens when you read/watch/think/converse politics. You're going to walk away but then you get engaged in this: Sanders calls for ouster of Clinton campaign allies

Two hours later, Democratic officials reject the request.

You think you'll go walk the dog. You give it a try but it is in the upper 90s. The dog is panting and you are sweating. You go back to your computer just to take a peek. You really need to read that book, but you don't get past the first page. In your dream, you work it out.

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Hair Transplant said...

In my opinion Obama is better then Hillary Clinton.