Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Frustrated and annoyed

Sometimes you can be chugging along dealing with the larger things and then a little thing can get to you.

For example, yesterday I was frustrated to the point of tears in trying to get a dermatology appointment tomorrow after my checkup and ECP today. I started working on it Friday and by yesterday had still not heard back from the nurse who was going to see if someone could look at a spot that worries me. The practice manager who always took care of me had left and there didn't seem to be anyone in charge.

It was a microcosm of the confusion that can result when you hear different things from different doctors. It was REALLY upsetting when it happened in the hospital when something serious was going on. Not so much now, but still.

Ellen, the PA at ECP,  said she didn't like the look of a spot on my face.
The dermatologist who did my most recent Mohs surgery said not to worry, it would come off in the PDT that I got a few weeks ago. It did not come off, although the rest of my skin peeled.

 I called the office and learned there were no openings. Then the nurse called back and said a doctor would see me Friday. Then I wrote Dr. Linn and said I was incredibly frustrated and she said she was so sorry and got me an appointment for tomorrow.

I arranged to stay over at Diane and David's and called MART (transportation) this morning to say I would only be going one way today and would be coming back tomorrow.

The vendor then canceled the trip. Apparently they have the right to do that because it is not worth their while to go one way. The call taker said I might not be able to get to my appointment on time but she would put me on the "same day" list and try.

Then I looked up what Dr. Lin said she thinks it is – a seborrheic keratosis – which she said would not be expected to come off with the PDT. It looks like it's not even harmful. But she still got me the appointment, just in case, I guess, and now I have changed everything around and am not even sure I can get there. Unless I drive, which I really don't want to do.