Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day musings on good things, bad endings

I had a great Mother's Day with Ben and Joe here and Katie who Facetimed just as we were finishing our walk with Maddie around the lake when the sun finally came out.

I had told them about my encounter with that horrible George the goose the other day and wanted to show them but he was for a change placidly hanging out on the lower lake. I haven't mapped my run in a long time because I haven't been running enough but just out of curiosity I did it and saw that I went 2.86 miles without any pain in my toe.

I did it Saturday because I had been sitting almost the whole day in the second day of the professional development course I took on the art of teaching adults. I am on the substitute lists of several organizations and would like to have background on what I'm doing when I'm called, which has only been a few times because these teachers hardly ever take time off.

I thought back to what I would have done in the past after sitting for a while and it was always go for a run. Since the training was in Holyoke I thought of going straight to the Y to go for a swim but it is my least favorite thing to do. So I put on my new Hoka Ones and was happy with the outcome. Though yesterday I felt pretty stiff.

My Mother's Day came to a sad end with the "Good Wife" finale. It is only a TV series of course but when you have watched something for seven years the characters do seem real, as fans can attest when we grieved over Will's death. Thanks to Joe teaching me I discovered how to follow an event on Twitter and discussed it in real time with people who were getting as upset as I was. That and texting with "real life" friends who were watching it. Then as I tend to do I stayed up late and read the postmortems. We were all glad to see Josh Charles come back but we wanted a better ending. Someone tweeted couldn't it have been a little more like the "Downton Abbey" finale and someone else asked which was worse, the ending to "The Sopranos" or this. The creators, Michelle and Robert King, said the ending was in keeping with the series: ambiguous. Boo.

A beautiful photo that Katie shared yesterday of the two of us in the apartment where I grew up made me smile but also made me miss my parents and that place so much.

I had an instructive dream about it, though.

I was at a rally where the speaker was a young woman who held up a smiley face. She held it upside down to show a frown. Then she held it the other way to show a smile and said all you have to do is change your frown to a smile and you'll feel better.

Then I was in a therapy session and told the therapist that I was so sad that I couldn't go back in time and have my parents. He said to just change the frown into a smile and you'll feel better. So I did.

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