Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wellfleet on my mind

I get to cancel two of my rides this weekend because an alternative driver has driven all the way from Minneapolis...and it is...Katie Doody!

She and her boyfriend are going to pick me up at Dana-Farber tomorrow after my early morning photopheresis session, and then we will drive to Wellfleet to Diane and David's. We'll spend the weekend with them, and then Katie will drive me back home on Sunday before going back to the Boston area for the summer.

We have two fun things planned: Shakespeare in the Park, with Sam Waterston and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in "The Tempest," and also "Hamilton" on Broadway.

When I googled Shakespeare in the Park to check the dates I came upon some mixed reviews, but I am not concerned. The scene's the thing, both the setting of the plays outdoors in the park's Delacorte Theater and also waiting in the line for hours to get your free tickets, which at first sounded daunting but which has turned out to be almost as entertaining as the play.

Also unfortunately, after 10 days of antibiotics and continued use of a steroid, my stomach had gotten better but now has acted up again. I am waiting to hear from Melissa about what they want me to do. It can't be too bad, though, because I went to George's clinic yesterday, getting there at 9 and staying until noon.

My daughter is so much more adventurous than I ever was. She did her junior year abroad in Spain while I did mine in Connecticut, at Wesleyan University. The idea of going abroad wasn't promoted as much in those days. I can't complain because I have traveled some, and also, if I hadn't done the Twelve College Exchange, I wouldn't have met my Wesleyan friends.

I'll need to do some work in Wellfleet. I am in a feast phase of the "feast or famine" freelance business. I can't complain about that either.

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