Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Appreciation day

Afternoon light, with apologies to the real photogs
After yesterday's post full 'o gripes, I thought I would write something more pleasant today.

It was perfect spring weather – 71 degrees the last time I looked – and not so hot or so rainy as it has been. I imagine everyone around here perked up too.

It occurred to me about half-way through the day that for the first time in a long while my stomach hasn't bothered me. Maybe the procedure scared whatever it is away. I doubt it but still I will take actually feeling good for most of the day.

I went to George's clinic late and left early, wanting to be in that beautiful setting with all the fun players even though I was pokey and probably still had some anesthesia in my system. I knew I wasn't myself when I volunteered to play "triples" when the option came up for six people to do that and four to play doubles. Afterwards I remembered to get some Gatorade instead of just drinking water; that helped me from dragging when we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Some friends had talked about reading David McCullough's book about the building of the bridge, and, inspired by our walk, I went to the library and got it. If I don't read all 608 pages, I can use the book for weight lifting.

During an errand that took me down "asparagus row" on Route 47, I passed a farm that was selling strawberries too. The first local strawberries always make me happy, even the way they smell. I bought a basket and a bunch of asparagus, bringing some to Jim Bloom when I picked up Maddie, who had stayed overnight because Joe and I got home so late after the drawn-out visit to Brigham and Women's Hospital.

When in New York like I was this past weekend, I feel at home (and sometimes wish I still lived there) but when in Western Massachusetts on a day like today, smelling the strawberries or walking on my lawn or playing on clay courts next to the Connecticut River, I say to myself, "You can't do this in New York!"

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