Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun and flowers on Wellfleet weekend

My sister is a container gardener extraordinaire.

You could just sit on their deck in their treehouse in Wellfleet and not do anything else but look at all her flowers.

However, we got a lot of things into a day and a half. Dinner at the Beachcomber, lunch and ice cream at the dock, walk along the bay, sitting/walking on the beach, Wellfleet oysters, cookout with Diane and David, and even swimming in Gull Pond (Katie and Alex swimming; Diane and I watching).

My only problem is that I still don't know what is up with my stomach. One day I was fine, and the other I was up at night. I have been emailing Melissa about it and she said she'd check with Dr. Alyea to see what he wants to do.

At least I have remembered to drink Gatorade. I don't much like the taste, so I water it down. When my friends and I were in New York and I was sick to my stomach on and off the whole time, I thought I was doing the right thing by drinking lots of water. Emily realized on the last day that I should have been drinking Gatorade. She ran and got me one just as we were about to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. I perked right up.

The weather was perfect the past two days. Today it is cloudy, so we might take a walk and then head back early.

One of the first things I plan to do when I get back home is to buy more flowers and cram them in my two barrels. I asked Diane how she did it, and she said she just channeled our mother, who said to cram the plants in. I will get some more plants and bring our mother with me.

The little wagon in one photo  came from Atlantic Beach. I think we put toys in them and took them down to the beach.

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