Sunday, April 12, 2015


I always say yes to everything Dr. Alyea proposes because after all Dana-Farber did save my life and he is the genius doctor who led the effort.

So it is a big step for me to question his wanting me to go up to 10 mgs. of prednisone at the same time as doing the ECP. He had said he did not want to increase my dose from 1 mg. because I have been on it for so long, which is why I am going to start the procedure. Being a certain kind of person who mulls things over and then mulls them over again instead of saying to myself, "I'll ask Melissa on Monday" and then putting it to rest, I have been losing sleep over this.

Melissa sent in a prescription for the higher dose but I did not pick it up.

Just now I wrote:

I have been thinking about Dr. Alyea wanting me to go up on the prednisone and am confused because he said he wanted me to do the ECP to avoid upping the dose. We have been working hard to get down to 1 mg., so I am upset about going all the way up to 10. Since the procedure has been shown to have good results it seemed like a good way to not up the dose. I wonder how we would know if the procedure was working if I went all the way up to 10 at the same time.

Now maybe since I have written it down, I can leave it alone for the day. It seems to actually finally be spring. A good day for a dog walk.

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Anonymous said...

Good question - send it! The answer may put your mind to rest.