Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am sick.

Just regular old stomach bug sick, 101, can't keep anything down, found myself lying on the floor the other night until I finally got up on the couch and stayed there until about 3 a.m. when I got the energy to crawl up to bed.

The only good news was that in and out of dozing and being sick in a bag I managed to watch the whole first day of the Australian Open before it went off the air at 3 a.m. So exciting to see Nadal back in good form and to see the Open season start. The bad news is that I got the worst crick in my neck and have it still.

Also Maddie is not too happy with me.

I am not entertaining her in the way to which she has grown accustomed.


Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about the stomach bug, generally a most unpleasant experience. But good to know that a bug isn't always a major crisis post-transplant. Hope you feel better soon.

Joanna said...

Get better ASAP and even if you are well, it is okay to watch the Australian Open!