Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wondering about soaring drug costs

The problem of soaring drug costs always comes with the question: Does research and development really cost that much?

Many of us are lucky to have insurance that makes our medicine affordable. We don't have to choose between medicine and food or rent.

I don't take as many pills as I did in the early days post-transplant, but I still take a ton: almost 20 a day.

I thought about this when I was scanning the drug summary sent to me by my prescription plan, which thankfully covers most of my costs. Down the list I go. A couple cost under $10, one costs $251.94, and another $665.82.

Then I get to the dreaded Exjade, the five pills daily dissolved in water and chugged on an empty stomach, resulting in 30 minutes of nausea while it does its job of scurrying down to my liver, bonding with the harmful ferritin resulting from iron overload and sending it out of my system.

The true cost: $6,779.68 for a 30-day supply.

I said to myself, "You have got to be kidding me!"

I have been taking it for a long time, but I guess I didn't look at the price.

I dropped one on the floor the other day and threw it out, but I guess I should have thought twice.

When I think of skipping a day, I usually make myself take it by focusing on the good it is doing me. This iron overload can end up making you really sick. My ability to afford it is another reason to appreciate it even more.

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donna said...

There is always the 5 second rule when something falls to the ground! With medicine that is literally more precious than gold, you better abide by that rule! Unbelievable prices!