Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A day in New York

With Donna in New York
Normally I stay overnight when I go to New York, but it was easy – just a hop, skip and a jump – to go with Donna for the day on Sunday to see a matinee of "The Most Happy Fella."

I drove to Longmeadow, then Donna drove us to Fairfield. We parked at Ben and Meghan's and then took the Metro North train to Grand Central.

We had a couple of hours to do some free stuff before the show. First was just marveling at the beauty of Grand Central. On our walk across town and up to 55th Street where the City Center theater is, it was fun to see a familiar landscape through the eyes of someone new to it. For example, Donna admired a lamp post at Bryant Park, where crocuses poked out of the ground. We paused to take a photo where otherwise I would have passed right by.

We did a quick walk through the New York Public Library, giving a nod to the lions Patience and Fortitude at the entrance. The library's gem is the Rose Main Reading Room, where tables and books occupy a majestic space measuring the length of two city blocks. Katie and I have gone there to read under the mural of blue skies and billowing clouds.

The play's the thing, of course, and it was fantastic, a wonderful welcome to spring.

My friend Pam, who had met us there, walked us back to Grand Central, and then we reversed our steps. We stayed long enough in Fairfield to have a quick bite to eat and for me to worry over Webster, who was sick. I texted Ben later that night to find out how the puppy was doing, noting to myself that my high level of anxiety did not bode well for when I have grandchildren.

I was relieved to get this response: "Basically acting like his normal annoying self."


Anonymous said...

Dearest Runder-woman,

The play's the thing...for the opening days of Spring!

Thank you so much! it brought back so many wonderful memories with your parents -- dinner, the theatre, and best of all, Gordon company and hospitality...

donna said...

It was a great time!