Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Technology glitch and tooth pain

I have not updated the blog because both my computer and I have been out of commission.

The computer issue was easily fixed – I bought a new one because my old one, from 2008, was past its prime anyway – although the fix was not as easy as you might think. I paid $100 to have my information migrated to my new MacBook Air, and when I finally got it home last night I opened it to do some work on deadline.

I had paid the money (which also buys you a class) because the salesperson said that when people try to do the migration themselves, they usually run into problems. But the Geniuses had migrated my original problem, and I couldn't get into the computer. I called the Apple store and they said everyone at the Genius Bar was busy and I would have to return to the mall at 10 the next morning. At that point I lost my cool. "I am on a deadline and I have to use it NOW," I said.

So they connected me with someone at Apple Care, and after trying this and that for at least an hour, I finally got in. My helper said that occasionally the migration doesn't catch everything. No kidding. You can't say over the phone that you would have had to kill someone if it wasn't fixed, because you never know who's listening, and the police might show up at your door. So I thanked him for helping to preserve my normally docile nature.

I was in no shape to write my Newsmax blog post, which was due that day, but I started it anyway. This morning, I couldn't find it on the computer, so I started again and, and finished. It will probably pop up somewhere when it's no use to me.

Meanwhile, the toothache saga continues. After being told by my now-former dentist some three weeks ago that there was nothing wrong with the tooth that hurt, I finally got a root canal in it yesterday. This morning it killed me again. I am going back this afternoon to have it opened up and looked at again.

When I heard the price, I nearly fell out of the chair. $1,500 for the root canal and $1,500 for the crown that I will need.

I should have been a dentist.

Somehow I have managed to get my writing and editing done in between outbursts of pain from my tooth and outbursts of error messages from my computer.

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PJ said...

I was beginning to worry about you. I'm glad you got your computer issues sorted out but I can't believe your tooth saga. I thought a root canal removed all the roots so there wouldn't be any more pain. $3000 seems like a lot. I'll find out when I get my tooth fixed, which thankfully doesn't hurt (usually).