Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boston-bound for checkup

My tooth hurt like hell again the day after the root canal, so I went back in and one of the Western Mass Endo dentists removed the packing to let the air out. My dentist friend Claudia, who has been a great help in all of this, said sometimes putting in a temporary filling is like putting a cap on Mt. Vesuvius; all the gas is trapped inside.

It felt better, but then the next day it started hurting again. I thought I was doing a good job of eating on the other side, but something had gotten in and stopped it up again. I have seen four different endodontists in the same practice, so sometimes I forget which doctor did what. One of them removed the food from my tooth.

It still hurts though not as much. When I return tomorrow to have the tooth closed up, they won't be able to do it if it still hurts. I might end up getting the tooth pulled after all of this. I can't stand the thought of that because I have already lost so many teeth.

Today I go to Dana-Farber for my regular check-up and an MRI to try to get to the bottom of why my quads still hurt. This makes me nervous. I thought it through and realized that if my regular doctor had ordered an MRI, I wouldn't think anything of it. But since it is cancer doctors asking for it, my mind jumps to terrible things. But as I reasoned out loud to Joe, I'm sure there is no such thing as cancer of the quads. If you're a hypochondriac to begin with and then you get hit by cancer, it is hard to keep your mind from jumping to conclusions.

Also now my knees are acting funny; they won't straighten out when I get out of bed or stand after sitting for a while.

I wonder if all of my running has caught up with me. If that is the case, I will have to change the name of this blog from Running for My Life to Crouching for My Life.

I am really tired, and I am a little concerned about making the drive to Boston. I am going to stock up on food and coffee to keep myself awake.

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PJ said...

I had an unexplained pain in my right calf for weeks.It hurt so much I had to lift it into the car. It eventually got better. As for not being able to straighten your legs? I can't straighten my arms due to gvh affecting my ligaments. Who knows? I do feel your frustration about the teeth, the mri, the total body breakdown that seems to happen from time to time. Sometimes I just weep. Always an option when deep breathing fails.