Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Long drive for a blueberry muffin

Joe and I went all the way to Boston today to buy a blueberry muffin at Whole Foods.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. In the "there's always something" category, the top left of my lip has been stinging and burning again, and there are some suspicious-looking thingies on it around where I had the squamous cell cancer removed in October. A receptionist at the office of Dr. Neel, the dermatologic surgeon, said a nurse could see me today although the doctor would not be in. When I got there, the nurse said she couldn't tell me anything except that Dr. Neel should look at it…when he gets back from vacation on Jan. 13. She didn't understand why a receptionist had told me to come all the way from Western Mass for that, and I didn't understand it either.

There is no decent parking at this dermatologist's office, so we parked a few blocks down in a lot where parking is free if you make a purchase at one of the stores bordering it. Hence the Whole Foods muffin.

Well anyway, I had a good time talking to Joe.

The dental surgeon said yesterday that the phantom tooth might hurt for a while due to slow healing caused by my friend prednisone. I woke up the other day with a terrible headache, which went away when I took some oxycodone. The headache came back when I waited longer than usual to take another dose. This is when I decided I might be addicted to the narcotic. I looked up "headache and oxycodone addiction" and decided that it was what I had.

In the morning I called Melissa and she said to forget about it. She said hopefully the pain will be short-lived, and I should take oxycodone as long as I need it. If I have trouble stopping, my Dana-Farber people will help me. As long as this goes on, I will have to dance around the discomfort, working in activities when I am not on drugs.

That's it for now. Happy New Year to all!

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