Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More on my mind

Emily and I outside her house in Pittsburgh.

The rest of my stay in Pittsburgh was wonderful. We went to a lecture, ate out, hung around and walked in a large neighborhood park where Emily and her friend tricked me into walking four miles.

Well, they didn't actually trick me, they just forgot to tell me how far we were going, and by the last uphill I was zigzagging across the path. I guess it was good for getting me in shape for my trip to Spain, coming up fast in two weeks.

When I had to show my license in the airport, it was nice to finally have a new one showing me the way I look now as opposed to the one I had for four years showing me in a scarf. I had the picture taken when I had just finished chemotherapy, and although I could have gotten a new picture taken after my hair grew in, I would have had to pay $25 unless I waited four years, and I wasn't vain enough  for that.

Only one person asked me about my license in all that time, and that was a sales clerk who needed to see it when I opened up an account. "What kind of cancer did you have?" she asked.


Moving along, my next thing to worry about is the possibility of a strike at Iberia Airlines Dec. 14 and Dec. 17 through Dec. 21 to protest cutbacks at the struggling Spanish airline.

Guess when I'm flying?

Dec. 17.

I have called the airline and been told that if flights are canceled, they will book alternate flights either two days before or two days after. With Katie waiting at the other end and B&B reservations prepaid, two days after is a pretty bad option.

The person I spoke to today said they might have more information on Friday.

Joe pointed out that worrying won't help since there's nothing I can do about it.

I guess that when you're wired for worry, you need to be reminded of these things.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Emily but you surely look well. As to your trip to Spain, Joe is right. Worrying doesn't help, so don't worry.
happy Chanukah,
love Betsy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture!

How did your fantastic/funtastic level-headed children escape the worry-gene?

Joe is so spot-on!

Also remember that airport strikes on the European Continent are part of the 'charm' of going abroad!

You and Emily are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

another thing, dolling...

to prove i am not a robot i cannot figure out the darn letters -- even with a flashlight...

who devised this?

the question comes from someone with high clearance at the UN!

here we go again! does anyone else have the same problem?

Ronni Gordon said...

When posting on other blogs, sometimes I get the letters right the first time but sometimes I have to try at least three times.

PJ said...

You look fabulous! With your wee-honed coping skills, your trip to Spain will work out well no matter what happens with the strike. Buen viage!

Jim said...

You look great, Ronni. Have fun on your trip. Cheers! Jim