Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From Granada to Barcelona

On the plaza overlooking the Alhambra
View of the Alhambra
We had a couple of beautiful days in Granada, where the sky was a perfect blue.

Sunday was our big day, when we toured the Alhambra, the palace and fortress that looks down on the city of Granada. The gardens are amazing, with some flowers still in bloom. The design, with fountains and water flowing all around, are designed to inspire meditation. We sat on a bench and took it all in.

There were steps everywhere. Our admission ticket allowed us to wander in the gardens until 6 p.m. if we wanted, but after about two hours I couldn't move anymore. I looked up at a steep flight of stairs which I'm sure led to an inviting garden, but I froze. We found the salida and ended that part of the day.

But later, after I lay down for a while, we headed for the old Jewish neighborhood, where the view of the Alhambra was promised to be awe-inspiring, and it was. We went up up up more stairs through  narrow streets until we finally got to the top. A band played flamenco music, and so-called hippies playing flutes laid out their wares on blankets while dogs wandered around. As the sun set, making the Alhambra look more and more unreal, I didn't want to leave, but it was getting dark and we had a long way down.

At right is the street that we took to get to the plaza with the view.

Monday, a short day because we had to catch a flight, we went to a tetería, an Arabic tea house where you can relax and have a choice of many teas. We think we might open one in Northampton. If you don't drink, it's an excellent place to hang out instead of the bar scene.

But that venture will be hard to realize if we move to Andalucía, which is another possibility that we have discussed.

Christmas in Barcelona has been pretty quiet. We walked along La Rambla, the main street, and spent some time in our hotel, having coffee (me) and hot chocolate (Katie) and sharing a chocolate chip cookie and talking.

Last night, Katie watched "A Christmas Story" ("You'll shoot your eye out!") and I watched it with her until I fell asleep sitting up. I think I'll watch the end tonight after we eat Chinese food and take a stroll to see the lights at night.

I said before that I have been introduced to many things. One is Principe cookies, sort of like an oreo but not as intense, with a chocolate filling inside two plain wafers. I have to admit that I just ate quite a few while I was writing this. I also have to admit that we had breakfast at Starbucks, which is just as ubiquitous as in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Again, Happy Joyful Christmas! May 2013 be filled with Wonder!

am so thrilled to see you and Katie in Spain...

only bad note, no offense, Ms. Starbucks Stargazer, but i wish there were a ban on franchises over there...where great coffee is a given...

Miss You!


Diane said...

Such wonderful photos and colorful details makes me feel that I'm there with you -- it makes us all very happy to hear about your adventures. Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your trip on your blog. So happy for you and your kids. With hope, Wendy

PJ said...

I understand the Starbuck's thing because there's really no places for breakfast unless your hotel serves it.

Howard said...

After following your blog for a few years it's great to stop in and see you looking happy & well. Enjoy your trip. All the best for the new year.


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