Monday, September 3, 2012

Katie safely in Seville

Katie left last night for her semester in Spain, where she will study at the university in Seville and stay with a family there.

I can't believe that after about a year of talking about it and planning, the time actually came for her to lug her (overweight) suitcase into Joe's car en route to Logan Airport. (The overage cost $60!) It will be a great experience for her, but I will miss my little sidekick.

I'm going to join her in Seville at the end of her semester and travel with her for about 10 days. I'm looking forward to it.

She e-mailed today that she was safe and sound and that she liked her host, who had set her up nicely.

Meanwhile, I played tennis today and was much better than last week. However, Donna, who knows me very well, looked at me in the middle of the second set and said I looked tired and it was really OK to stop. Chip and Donna's friend Kathleen echoed her.

Rational voice: You should stop because when you get tired is when you injure yourself.

Bad-advice voice: You haven't even played two whole sets, of course you have to finish!

Never mind that the first set was good and filled with long points (Chip and I won 6-4) or that the second set was turning into a long one too (Donna and Kathleen won 6-4). And never mind that the sun was beating down on us.

Chip and I drove to Starbucks after, planning to get a coffee, but I suddenly felt queasy. So we went and got me a Coke, Chip got coffee, and we sat down on the patio outside Starbucks to have our drinks. I felt better pretty quickly and was well enough to eat a frozen a frozen yogurt that Chip offered to buy.

This afternoon I was going to walk Maddie but thought better of it and lay down on the couch to watch a little tennis...and promptly fell asleep. I was happy to be invited, avec dog, to Deb's house for pre-dinner dessert and coffee for us and a big biscuit plus play date for Maddie.

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Anonymous said...

14AHow super for Katie -- cannot believe that she is actually off to Spain -- when she was in a stroller not so long ago!