Sunday, September 2, 2012

A not so sad so-long to summer

When Labor Day comes, everyone asks "Where did the summer go?"

I know where a good chunk of mine went, lost in a fog of oxycodone after two falls and Mohs surgery on my neck to remove a squamous cell cancer.

I spent part of August on and off the couch while I watched the Olympics. I never saw so much of the Olympics, but it kind of saved me. Maddie accepted this lower activity level, lying on her side of the couch while I lay on mine.

The pain reliever came in after I fractured my collarbone, bruised my knee and had the surgery which took a long time to heal. I can't take Advil or other drugs like it because they thin your blood, and I can't take Tylenol because it's bad for your liver.

So it was me, oxycodone and the Olympics. I worried about getting hooked on the little buzz, but I put my bottle away after everything stopped hurting.

It was too hot to do much outside anyway.

Luckily I rallied enough to have my 15 minutes of fame on the WEEI/NESN RadioTelethon and then to have four beautiful days on the Cape.

Some people have asked me to post the link on my blog, so here it is:

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