Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doctor double-header

I saw two specialists yesterday in Boston, but although it was like a double-header, I didn't have the luxury of staying in my seat.

One appointment (with the eye doctor) was at 10:45 in downtown Boston, and the other (with the dermatologist) was at 3 in Chestnut Hill, on the outskirts of Boston.

I thought I would have a bit of time in between, but with travel time and waiting time, I only had about an hour and half.

I spent Monday night at Diane's, then took the T down to Government Center and walked to the Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary (on the campus of Mass. General) to get checked out by Dr. Reza Dana, a specialist in Graft vs. Host of the eye. Walking quickly down Cambridge Street in clogs turned out to be my exercise of the day.

When I last saw him four months ago, Dr. Dana said it was unclear whether I was developing GVHD of the eye. Yesterday he said my eyes looked much better, telling me to continue with frequent use of eyedrops (including the prescription drug Restasis) and to add warm compresses for 10 minutes twice a day. Haven't quite gotten to that yet.

Then, more clogging back to the train and enough time at Diane's to eat and read the paper. As I left to get in my car to drive to Dr. Jennifer Lin's office, I told Diane I would stop back and take a nap if I was too tired to drive home. But, no surprise, I had to wait, so I laid my head against the wall in the waiting room and took a nap.

I should list "napping in noisy places" as a special skill on my resume.

I originally saw Dr. Lin for possible GVHD of the skin, and she said yesterday she decided I definitely do not have it. So I guess I only have GVHD of the liver.

What I also have is at-risk skin from all my previous sun exposure, chemotherapy and a weakened immune system from the prednisone.

She was happy with the results of the Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT, or, as I like to call it, face fry) which she did last month, but she said she still saw problem spots that could turn into skin cancer. She froze some (ouch!) and then scheduled another PDT session for three months from now.

Dr. Lin and I have a mutual admiration society; she always compliments me on my jewelry, and I compliment her on her shoes. Yesterday I told her I loved her maroon suede boots (worn with matching maroon tights), and she said she liked my silver watch with the band made out of blue glass.

We have fun with this, but still...Only three months until another PDT session?

I hope she will be wearing some really cool footwear to take my mind off of the burning of my face.

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Nelle said...

I had to laugh when I read about the napping in noisy places. I could NEVER nap during the day but now I can sleep anywhere and always get these cat naps in. I am glad you don't have GVH of the eye. From my radiation I have had two skin cancers removed using Mohs.I am currently battling what they think is a bad bronchitis. I had to debate for an hour which doctor to call. I called my PH dr first to ask him. Saw the lung doctor locally. We are high maintenance! :)