Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If the shirt fits

I love my new lime green T-shirt from the race.

I wore it to tennis yesterday and was happy to discover that the blue stripes match a bluish-purple skirt that I don't wear much because I don't have many shirts that go with it.

Plus, I had a brainstorm this year. After all those years of getting medium shirts, it finally occurred to me to get a small. The mediums are baggy, so I don't wear them much, although they do make good nightshirts.

Yesterday I saw two people in Starbucks wearing the shirt. We smiled at each other and said "Nice shirt." Then I saw a woman jogging down the street in one.

They're kind of a runner's badge of honor.

I had already worn it Sunday, so yesterday made two days in a row. It's the only thing I wanted to wear.

Of course I planned to wash it, I just wasn't sure when that would be. I spilled coffee on it during my drive home yesterday, so my decision was made for me.

Reluctantly, I took it off. I flashed back to having little kids who did not want to be separated from a new shirt that they had decided was the only thing they would wear.

I would cajole, reason with them, and make deals, and sometimes, alas, just yank it off while they protested. At some point around kindergarten, one of my sons (no names) got so attached to a particular undershirt that he screamed bloody murder every time I tried to take it off of him.

At the time, this proved to be a vexing problem. Our pediatrician, who obviously saw the big picture, said to just leave it on him for as long as he wanted and nothing terrible would happen. He was right, and eventually the child lost interest.

Anyway, I washed my shirt, folded it and put it away...and then put it back on today.


Anonymous said...

Keep on wearing it with pride. You're amazing and you deserve it!

donna said...

You look great in that lime green badge of honor!

Nelle said...

I love lime green, it's so cheerful.