Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gold medal winner

Although I'm captain of our seniors tennis team, Sets in the City, I haven't put myself in the lineup that much.

Someone asked me about it the other day, and I said, "I think I'm a better captain than a player." Also, I said, "It's hard for me because I'm only three years old." I reminded her that after transplant, since you have a new immune system, you are considered to be like a baby. But, she said, I'm also a senior because all our team members are over 50.

"Yes," I said, "That makes it even harder. I'm a baby who doesn't have the shots and a senior who is confused."

We said at the same time, "I'm a baby, I'm a senior, I'm a baby, I'm a senior."

I've written before that I just don't have the confidence about playing 3.5, because it's my first year back and it's a higher level than I played before.

Yesterday I got a little confidence boost, winning a "gold medal" at the Friday morning round robin. The gold medal is in quotes because you don't really get a medal, although you do get a can of tennis balls.

We play doubles with three different partners, and at the end Michael totals everyone's individual wins. I played well yesterday, as did  each of my partners. When Michael announced that I had won the gold, I grinned like a little kid.

I said I was going to have a parade for one, holding my can of tennis over my head.

I didn't do that, but I did keep relishing the memory of my last drop shot that caused my partner and I to get the decisive win. I celebrated with a Starbucks coffee and a scone.


donna said...

YAY!!! I'd be a flag waver at your parade!

Anonymous said...

Tennis Anyone?
You are the imitable Al Gordon used to say, " Serve them up!"

You are your parents' daughter, Diane's sister, and ours...