Thursday, October 27, 2011

Running while distracted

Every runner knows that some days you have it and some days you don't.

On Tuesday, I just didn't have it. I felt sluggish as soon as I started out on my four-miler. It was a beautiful day, perhaps a little too windy but sunny and crisp yet not too cold. I plodded ahead, super pokey. After a few minutes I took my sweatshirt off and tied it around my waist, and then at least I felt lighter.

Perhaps  my problem was the humongous blueberry pancake I ate for breakfast when meeting my friend Ken and his girlfriend for a nice breakfast in Northampton at Green Bean, a great place where you choose your own mug and can take endless refills of delicious coffee. I had an egg for protein with my pancakes, but the total effect probably was not conducive to running.

Anyway, I did perk up the further I ran and even managed to do a few quick intervals. But I wasn't really into it. My head was practically swiveling around on the Mount Holyoke campus looking for people I might know, so I could stop and talk to them.

I thought I saw a professor friend up ahead and jogged to catch up, thinking we'd chat for a few seconds. But it turned out to be someone else. Then, as I passed the library, where the Rao's coffee shop is, I even thought of poking my head in to see if anyone I knew was there.

My inner coach was fed up.

"What are you doing? Talk later, run now."

Right. It occurred to me that maybe I need a running partner, but I can't think of anyone I can ask at this time.

I focused then, and on the home stretch, I ran as fast as I could.

"Finish strong, finish strong," the inner coach said.

And I did.


Jonny said...

Ronni -- Maybe you could convince my freshman daughter, Olivia, @ Mt. Holyoke to run with you...she's as tall as you, maybe taller, and could keep up with your long stride. The problem is she has only 3 speeds: 1. extremely slow; 2. grouchy, leave-me-alone inertia; and 3. reverse.

I'll introduce you some day...and may the force be with you!

Ronni Gordon said...

It would be fun to meet her.

Robin said...

Awesome post... Definitely know what you mean about some of those runs too.

Anonymous said...

Runderful Runder-Woman!

how do you do it?

i can't run half a block without aches and pains and asthma!

which i developed recently!

stay snug and safe and warm with fine dog-quality time during the storm, and always! xxop