Monday, October 10, 2011

How a jazz musician helped save my life

When I met my donor, Denise, in May, I learned of the amazing connection that brought us together.

It all started with the late jazz musician Michael Brecker, who had AML and whose search for a donor led to tens of thousands of people signing up on bone marrow transplant registries.

I wrote a story about it for the Philadelphia Inquirer, because Denise lives on the outskirts and Brecker was born there.

The story ran today under the headline "Musician's campaign sparks a lifesaving bone marrow transplant."

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Nelle said...

What a great article. I know many children who underwent transplants, several more than once. I felt so fortunate that my son, being an only child, never needed a donnor since his protocol worked for him. So glad this last treatment has worked so well for you and you are resuming your activities you enjoyed.