Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good/bad scorecard

This is the tennis version of the post Like a Woodland Fairie, in which I wrote about falling when running and about how it hurt but that taken in context, it ended up being a pretty nice day.

I didn't literally fall during today's tennis match, but my partner, Donna, and I fell to a team in Pittsfield, about a 45-minute drive from us. They have strong teams out there in the Berkshires, and this one proved no exception. We had some long points, but we just didn't play our shots. It wasn't one of those matches where you walk off happy because you played well. It was just frustrating, because they spun the ball a lot so it died on your racquet and they also managed to place it much better than we did.

Although I was happy to share the score of our last match – my first 3.5 match and an exhilarating three-set win – I'm not going to write this one down.

Hey, it's a blog, not a newspaper story, so I can leave it out if I want to, right?

Anyway, it's not fun to lose, but taken in context, it was a pretty good day.

Here is a scorecard of the day's events, with "bad" and "good" each worth one point.

1. Lost tennis match

1. Ben is here for the weekend, and he, Joe and I had scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins for breakfast and sat around the kitchen table and talked.
2. Enjoyed the fall scenery and talking to Donna while driving to the Berkshires together.
3. After the match, had snacks that the host team brought and schmoozed with the players from their team and ours.
4. On the way back, got a good cappuccino at a local marketplace and browsed through outlet stores.

This last one gets a bonus 1,000,000,000 points

5. I am alive and well and playing tennis and back in the swing of things.

Score for Saturday, Oct. 22

Bad. 1
Good. 1,000,000,005


Patty Lubold said...

Your last line just made me cry happy tears!

donna said...

What an uplifting way of telling about our frustrating match. Tennis is important, but it is just tennis and we DO have fun doing it. We are alive and playing the game and really ARE pretty good at it. And it was fun shopping and seeing the pretty foliage. You're a creative writer! I loved the connection of "The Art of Racing in the Rain" (good book), with your "the art of gardening in the rain." Very cute!