Sunday, February 6, 2011

Song, snow and ice

I took a difficult yoga class yesterday morning with a new teacher, and then, feeling nice and stretched out, packed a bag and headed to Brandeis to see Katie's a cappella group perform.

Plans called for Ben and Meg to drive from New York to Enfield and drive with Jim to Brandeis for the concert. Afterwards, we would all head to Maine to watch Joe play hockey at senior night at Bates. I reserved three hotel rooms. When I got to Waltham, Jim said Joe had just called to say the game was canceled because the other team could not get a bus to go in the snow. That was too bad because we were all looking forward to it.

My spirits were buoyed by watching Katie's group, Proscenium, perform a concert in honor of its 10th anniversary. The singers wore birthday hats and some kid-like getups, and on the board outside they posted photos of themselves at 10. In between songs, they told knock-knock jokes.

Their singing is so beautiful, and Katie looks so happy up there, that a mother just wants to cry. I'm sure it is the same way many parents feel when watching their children show their talent. I wished there had been an encore.

Afterwards, we hung around campus a little, went out to eat and then went our separate ways. It occurred to me to stay overnight nearby at Diane's, but it was only around 6 p.m., and I figured I could handle the hour-and-a-half drive home. Bad idea. I only have so much energy, and sometimes I overestimate what's left in the tank.

It was rainy and foggy, with some freezing rain, and the driving was difficult. After about half an hour I got really sleepy. You can pull over and close your eyes if the weather is OK, but not if it is dark and cold. I struggled home with help from a strong cup of Starbucks coffee, a dark chocolate bar and "A Prairie Home Companion."

Near home, I pulled into a Stop and Shop parking lot to get a few things for breakfast. Still not totally with it, I turned around to get something from the back seat and by accident stepped all the way on the gas. Luckily I had put it in park. It occurred to me that after all my effort getting home safely, I could have done myself in right there by crashing into another car.

The parking lot was sheer ice. I nearly slipped, but caught my balance.

When I finally got back home, I discovered that my driveway and the steps to my house were also covered in ice. I got out gingerly, leaning over and holding onto snowbanks until I got to the door. The house, of course, was dark and cold. I had turned the heat way down, and it would take a while for it to crank up. I crept back outside to put the car in the garage and get my overnight bag, and on the way back in sprinkled some pet-friendly ice melt.

The pet, by the way, was at Jim and Jane's, so there was no warm body to cuddle up with.

I flopped down on the couch, my coat still on, and made some phone calls. The conversations, and the heat coming on, gradually warmed my soul and body.

The sun is out today, and the ice is melting. I'm going to get Maddie, and I think we'll be able to go for a walk.

Preferred plan: Lie on couch in sweatpants and keep the car in the garage. I called wonderful Jim Bloom and told him I'm lollygagging but will be there eventually. Maddie loves it there at her home away from home. "I don't care," he said. "She can stay here forever."

It's great to know she's so well cared for, but I must face the car and the cold.

I need my mother here to say, "Up, up, up!"


Jonny said...

From time to time we all need that parental voice from the past, that super-ego clarion call that cries out from the bowels of sloth like a Marine drill sergeant who kicks open the barracks door shouting: "Get your sorry *** out of bed you whiney, snivelling little runt!!!".

I think Bill Cosby said that his father never "turned" the door knob in his life upon entering his room in the morning. Sounds like my dad.

Well, your spirits seem to be lighter even if your body is still dragging a bit...and that's always a good sign.

Now, hop to it private and rescue your dog!

Nelle said...

I am just now starting to venture out on my own. I can only walk short distances and today at the eye doctor's office I just needed a nap desperately. I struggled to remain awake while I had some tests done and then skipped all the errands I had planned to do. Got home and curled up in a ball on the sofa. Sorry the hockey game was cancelled. That sounded like it would have been great.