Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Runner's log

Yesterday's exercise:

1. Go to Planet Fitness with my friend Mary and run two miles on treadmill (with just a little walking mixed in).
2. Lift a few weights.
3. Go to nearby diner and eat a turkey club with a heaping side of well-done fries.
4. Eat Boston Cream Pie for dessert.
5. Go to Starbucks for cappuccino.

What can I say? It was lunchtime, and we had to eat. And being in a diner makes me want Boston Cream Pie. I did spoon off much of the whipped cream, though I carefully salvaged the little chocolate chips. The menu read "Boston Cram Pie." The waitress said that's because you cram it in.

When I got home, I walked Maddie about a mile in the freezing cold. Have dog, must walk.

I probably added rather than burned off calories, but, hey, it was a fun day... if you don't count the dog walk, which I usually like, but not in this weather.

Today I saw Ken Holt, the miracle orthotics man who recently made me a new pair of inserts to alleviate my plantar fasciitis. He had also said he didn't like my Brooks sneakers. They were built up too high, and the insole was not firm enough. His instructions: Get a running shoe with a single layer and firm insole.

Today I was prepared for him to say he hates the Asics sold to me at Springfield shoe store that is supposed to specialize in this kind of thing. I guessed right. He said the insole is too soft, causing my feet to turn inwards, thus stressing my knees. He suggested looking for a mid-price New Balance this time.

I'll see if the store will take them back. If they won't, at least I'm doing my part to help the running shoe business stay afloat.


pam said...

i am exhausted just reading about your exercise -- thank you for doing it for me!
Ok, Boston Cram Pie! but what about a new york deli ruben or egg cream?


Cheryl Radford said...

Ronni thank you for visiting Indigo Dreaming. Today's post did have me smiling. The thought of exercising, followed by eating is a hoot. Maybe it has more to do with the fries and the Boston 'Cram' Pie. How much more fun everything is in the company of friends!
Are you doing any yoga these days? I attribute it, along with Tai Chi, to me have at least some flexibility.
I will return...