Friday, February 4, 2011

A little bit crazy (about exercise)

As everyone in these parts knows, it has snowed and snowed and snowed.

It has challenged my exercise routine, forcing me to be extra resourceful. The problem of course pales in the face of real hardships brought on by the snow, but for me, it is important. I guess it's a good sign that I am on my way back to my normal self.

I spent most of the week in Boston. I had planned to stay through Monday night so I could see my dermatologist on Tuesday. I stayed over again on Tuesday to see Katie's a cappella concert at Brandeis Wednesday. But another snowstorm arrived, canceling the concert and snowing me in.

On Tuesday, Diane and I went to yoga, but on Wednesday, the studio was closed. There was no such thing as taking a walk. I checked to see if the local JCC was open, but it wasn't. The idea was broached about walking in the mall, but then I would have walked right into JJill, exercising only my credit card.

As I paced around the house, David asked what happens if I don't exercise every day. I told him I get really antsy. Diane and I were heading to Waltham to take Katie out to lunch, and he asked whether I could get into the Brandeis gym. Brilliant idea!

We had a light lunch, and then Katie, Diane and I went to the gym. Neither of them was as excited about the idea of using the machines as I was, so they went their separate ways, with Diane planning to return for me in a hour. I did a little more than 30 minutes walking and running on the treadmill and then stretched and lifted weights.

The treadmill is easier on my knees and feet than the pavement, so I felt OK...but the next day I wasn't walking too well. Thursday we went to yoga, and then I drove back to South Hadley (an hour and a half) expecting to play tennis this morning. I drove down to Enfield (45 minutes) at 9 this morning, only to learn that the club is closed due to heavy snow on the roof. Sigh.

The sun is out, so I think I'll go try to walk in the snow. Tomorrow, I turn around and head back to Eastern Mass to see Katie's rescheduled concert. The plan then calls for a family road trip another two-and-a-half hours or so to Bates to see Joe play hockey at senior night.

The forecast calls for snow.


pam said...

Runder Woman,
Gorgeous Gordon-Gal,

You are truly amazing/amazon!

i love the snow for the opposite reason -- time for heart/h, home,

hibernating with my pet-family,
enjoying pet-therapy...
on my air-mattress -- my only exercise imagining your gracious run!

David Powers said...

I am glad I found your site. I have not had a chance to look around much, but I will bookmark your blog. I like running in the snow, but I tend to fall a lot, even when it is not snowing :).

I am an on and off again runner. Though, way more off, over the last three years. I can tell you must inspire a lot of people. Your post makes me want to run today.

My mother died from brain cancer in 2006 and my brother is a stage 2 brain cancer survivor. My first race/jog/walk of 2011 will at the Race for Hope, in Washington DC on May 1.

I wish you all the best and I will continue to follow your site.

David Powers
Rockville, MD
Proud, but inactive, member of the Montgomery County Road Runners Club