Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everyone was happy on prom day

Where did the time go? I ask it over and over as one pre-graduation
event follows another. This time it was the senior prom. (In
photo at right, Nate and Katie adjust his boutoniere.)

She and four friends who've known each other since fifth grade have a routine. They go to someone's house for pictures and then take off from there. Posing on the lawn under a red maple tree, they looked beautiful, with smiles all around.

We parents hung around a little after the "kids" left, long enough for someone to snap a photo of us.

Above, from left, there's Tony, Charles, Rose, Meryl and me. One of Katie's friends whispered to her,
"Now it really is the senior prom." Ha.

On the medical front, not much is happening. I got my blood drawn locally today so I can find out if my liver function has improved. If it has, I may be able to go down to 30 mg. of prednisone, from 40.

I'm also going to do some outpatient physical therapy. I have exercises at home, but it's hard
to get motivated to do them. At least I'm walking again without falling down.


Susan C said...

I really enjoyed the photos and finding out that you're continuing on the mend.

SHEA CHIC said...

I just came across your blog because I am also taking one step at a time. I have a very bad back injury and was told by my doctor to start taking as many steps as possible. That being said, I wanted to see if anyone else was writing a blog one step at a time. After reading a few of your entries I have to tell you how much I understand and recognize through my own experience, your moments of frustration and how hard it is to just take one step at a time. Your posts are inspiring and helped me feel so not alone. Getting through an illness or life changing injury is tough enough, but being able to inspire others while doing it is heroic. Thank you for being so open and candid within your entries. Today, you have made a difference and inspired me to take another step!

Jim said...

Ronni, you look good! Very encouraging.

Ann said...

I loved seeing the pictures. You look great! I've hit a motivation rut as far as exercise is concerned, so you're not alone. If only exercising was like eating an exquisite chocolate torte.