Monday, May 17, 2010

Handwriting analysis 101

Last week Katie and I were luncheon guests of the South Hadley Women's Club. She and her friends Kristin and Emily each won a college scholarship from the club, which recognized them at lunch.

The guest speaker was a handwriting analyst. She also calls herself a spirit medium, paranormal researcher and a psychic. She can get you in touch with the dead either in a solo session or group. At the meeting, she asked everyone to write a few lines and hand it in. I wasn't going to do it, but one of our hostesses insisted. So I wrote something like: "Years of being a journalist have ruined my handwriting." (On the small piece of paper, that was three lines.)

She read some of them publicly, but she didn't get to mine. Now I was intrigued, so I waved her over to our table and asked her to do mine. "I saw this one but I passed it by because I thought it had information you might not want revealed publicly," she said.


She said she thought I was depressed and that something big had blindsided me. She also looked at Katie and said, "You're her main support, aren't you?" I asked how she knew I was depressed, and she said because instead of being in a straight line, my handwriting slanted down.

Yes I'm depressed! Yes something big got to me, namely, leukemia. Yes Katie is a big support!

By now I was hooked, and I asked my friend Claudia (Kristin's mother) if she would share a session with me and some others where I could talk to my mother.

"After graduation," she said. (Graduation is June 6.)

It's a good thing I didn't book it, because now I have calmed down.

Katie and Joe gave me more perspective.

The speaker told the women mostly general things that could be applied to a lot of people. Sometimes she went quickly through a bunch of character traits until she hit one that applied. She said things that were obvious, such as that Katie was a big support. Actually she said Katie was my main support, but it's more spread out than that. Also a lot of people can say they've been blindsided by something big, according to their definition of "big."

As for talking to my mother, I can do that myself without paying someone.

Well, I'll put it aside for now.



Jonny said...

My mother's been dead for 30 years and she still keeps talking to me...does she know how to get her to stop! (now that I might pay for).


Ann said...

A friend and I went to a psychic fair in New Orleans while in college many years ago. I had a private reading and was enthralled by how much this man knew. Upon reflection, I realize he was throwing out general information and reading facial cues.

I'm glad you were able to step back from the moment. As for getting to talk to your mom, I still talk to my dad and he's been gone for almost 10 years. Keep talking.

Kelly said...

Reading your story reminds me of an author in a very similar situation. Alesia Shute is a childhood cancer survivor and wrote her story. 100% of the profits from her book, Everything's Okay, go to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the very place the fought and won her battle with cancer. Check out her website becaue the two of you might be able to help each other.

Here's to keeping up the fight!