Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mohs today, ECP and museum tomorrow

Today, needles in my face.
Tomorrow, in my arm.

Par for the course.

An odd cliche for me to use since I don't play golf but it fits.

I drove to Diane's and she was kind enough to drive me to Brigham and Woman's Faulkner Hospital for a Mohs surgery on a tiny squamous cell that had spread a little under the skin on my right jaw. The biopsy seemed like it took care of it, which sometimes happens, but Dr. Lin wanted me to get the Mohs. I figured it would just take one pass, and it did. In others that I had done, it went as high as three, but most often two. The surgeon takes out the cancer and a little bit of the margins, sends the specimen to a lab to see if it is all gone while you wait about 45 minutes, and does some more if needed.

I got a little dizzy while I was waiting. The nurse's aide lowered the top of the bed so the blood would go to my head. I took the opportunity to raise my legs up in the air so it was as if I was doing legs up the wall in yoga. After that I dozed off. On the way back to the house I got a cappuccino at you know where.

Tomorrow I have ECP. I had it moved to 11 a.m. instead of 3 because at 5:30 I am attending a dinner for One-to-One volunteers. These are bone marrow transplant recipients like me who talk to  patients undergoing treatment. I have only talked to a couple of people since my situation does not match up too well with others. But I did have a good conversation with one patient recently, sharing some ideas about how I got through it. He was kind of down and said he felt better afterwards.

I don't know anyone anymore who has had a transplant. It should be good to meet some others. I don't know if there will be any "multiples." A thought that brings me back to how much I miss my friends Patricia and Anne.

I'm going to have some time in between so I think I'll walk down to the Museum of Fine Arts or get there some other way if the weather isn't good.

Oh and I forgot to say I don't think I can play tennis for two weeks. What will I do?

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