Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A little more pain today

All last night I was wondering why my face didn't hurt. The nurse said most people do very well and only need a little Tylenol. The nurse's aide gave me one for the headache I was getting while waiting to get stitched up and that probably helped in not having any pain. I was happy enough icing it and eating the good meal that Diane had prepared and then watching election returns until about 11.

I suspected it might be different when the numbing medicine totally wore off and sure enough, this morning it hurt a lot. It makes sense when someone has been digging around in your skin even though she didn't have to dig that far.

It reminds me of my last Cesarean with Katie when they had put morphine in with my IV. For a long time afterwards I thought wow, this is great, it's not going to hurt like the others. I was pretty comfortable until I started to itch like crazy all over. Then a nurse told me it was a reaction to the morphine. I got something for the itch and sure enough after the morphine wore off I needed something for the pain.

This morning I was going to drive to the Kraft Blood Donor Center for ECP but I took an oxycodone and called an Uber.

I'm not going to take another though. I brought some Tylenol but Ellen the PA said ibuprofin will work better so I'll get some when I leave. I'm also trying to balance an ice pack on my shoulder to get some cold on my face but it isn't working too well.

 The woman in the bed next to me knows someone from my high school. I told her some of the things I did in high school in New York such as telling my parents I was sleeping at a friends when I was really at my boyfriend's. Tina, my nurse, said she never knew.

Last time I was here, my arm didn't hurt at all. With about an hour left it has gotten painful so I'm going to have to flag someone down. You never know from week to week.


Unknown said...

Whom from school? Email me pls

Unknown said...

Ps I also had major reaction to morphine after back surgery -- also had the nurse from hell that night