Thursday, July 30, 2015

Theater in New York, baby in Connecticut

It's been a week already since I last posted, and I was going to write about how three days running around New York with Katie took my mind off medical procedures and doctor's appointments, how much fun we had seeing "Cymbeline" at Shakespeare in the Park under the stars at the Delacorte Theater and waiting in line for three hours for the free tickets, how fabulous to see "Hamilton" on Broadway and see Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff at the stage door, and how interesting to explore the lower east side where we stayed at an airbnb, and how great to see our cousins and Aunt Marge and Bill and run on a pathway next to the East River, and how much fun to take Katie out for her birthday dinner at Sardis and to realize later that by spending nothing on the Shakespeare tickets and getting the lower priced $77 mezzanine tickets at the Richard Rogers Theater, we ended up spending an average of about $38 each for two New York shows, both coincidentally produced by Joseph Papp's Public Theater.

But it seemed like it took the early part of the week to get re-organized, plus a ridiculous amount of time spent on technical problems with both my computer and printer, and then last evening Ben texted that he and Meghan were on their way to the hospital, and then early this morning he called to say that at 1:11 a.m. this morning, my grand-daughter, Nell Catherine Doody, arrived weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces.

I wanted to go down to the hospital in Norwalk today, but I had ECP in Boston, and since I am now doing only one day a week, I couldn't skip it.

I'm going to save the photos until tomorrow when it's my turn to hold her.

Thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations when I shared Ben's photo of beautiful mother and baby, and to Julie Hoffman Klein, who knew my parents and who wrote, "Your parents are looking down on you with lots of pride and happiness today."

They loved being grandparents; I know I will love being a grandmother.

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