Friday, July 31, 2015

Going to meet my granddaughter

Wake up every hour starting at 2 a.m.

5 a.m. – Lie in bed checking my iPhone for personalized 30th birthday presents for Ben.

5:20 – Check Facebook. Re-read the comments about photo of Meghan and baby Nell. Feel loved.

Mom, me, Grammie, Diane at the Store
6 a.m. – Get up and take out remaining items in suitcase from New York trip. Put them on the floor to deal with later.

6:15 – Come downstairs. Listen to the birds.

6:18 – Check the pile of bills. Note that one is due Aug. 3 and that means Monday. Resolve to pay the bill.

6:31 – Remember that my grandmother's birthday would be tomorrow. Happy birthday Lillian Lewin!
A warm, loving woman with a beautiful smile. Feel the connectivity through the years. From her to my mother to me to Ben to Nell.

Without her, none of us.

7 a.m. – Do a little yoga.

7:26 – Dissolve five Exjade pills in water and chug it. Use the 30 minutes of nausea until I'm allowed to eat to go to Tailgate and buy some milk. Add a scone.

7:50 – Channel my mother. Pick flowers from the garden to bring to the hospital. Put them in a birthday bag.

8:15 – Make the coffee, make an egg, and wonder why when I got up so early I still am running late.

8:36 – Finish writing this.

8:44 – Dash upstairs to make myself presentable.

8:55 – Go out the door to get in car, drive to Enfield and meet Jim there, then pick up Katie who will drive from Boston to a designated spot outside of Hartford, then proceed to Norwalk to the hospital and hold my granddaughter!

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