Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stitch free ... if only for now

Crazy but good morning yesterday.

"Nurse Jo" came over to remove my stitches, coffee cup in hand.

I needed to take the coffee cup from her because Watchdog Maddie ran over with a toy and was jumping all around her. I stuck out my arm for the third consecutive removal of stitches in basically the same place, right above the crook of my arm, which is odd because that area does not get much sun.

It has gotten to be a routine, easier than last time because I also had them on the back of my hand.

I finished the story I was writing for HCC, got in the car and got stuck in traffic on my way to the Literacy Project. There seems to be construction everywhere.

With three volunteers, there was time for one-on-one. I worked with a woman from Ecuador who was just learning to read and write in English. She struggled over the word "though." I kept saying it and she didn't understand. She thought I was starting the word with a "D" as in "dough."

 She asked if I was from Massachusetts and I said originally from New York, and she said she thought that was it. Do I really have a New York accent? I always say that the accents are from the Bronx and Brooklyn, not from Manhattan, but maybe there is a tinge and if that is so, I am proud of it. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

My travels usually take me in that direction, but on Friday I am heading WEST, to Minneapolis to visit Katie. I am very excited because I miss her very much and am so used to having her in Boston, which I basically consider to be our backyard.

More on that later because I thought it would rain and there would be no tennis at the Canoe Club, but the sun has come out and that will be a good start to the day since I have taken a break due to stitches and travels.

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