Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slow and slower

The good thing about being older and a little wiser is that you know your limits.

Such as: On Sunday I put on exercise clothes and meant to jog or bike but realized I was just too spent from all my activity the past four days. So I walked the dog and fell asleep on the couch. Whereas in the past I might have pushed on through.

The bad thing is that if you skip it is much harder to get back into it.

Such as: Yesterday I thought I might bounce back into running three miles, but I could barely run half that. My speed, which usually clocks Tortoise, was at Tortoise minus one. The soupy air didn't help.

I don't know how my tennis would be, but I can't play this week anyway due to having stitches in my right arm.

I am off to do my tutoring at the Literacy Project in Northampton. My bike is in the back of my car, and maybe it will call to me to take it out for a little spin on the bike path.

I just have to resist getting a muffin or a coffee afterwards. However, I forgot to celebrate National Coffee Day yesterday, so maybe I will have to do it today.

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