Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chip chipping away, cont.

I knew I would have one squamous cell cancer removed yesterday, but I wasn't expecting two.

The one on my arm (right arm again, no tennis) looked just like the others, but the one on my lip manifested itself in just a piece of peeling skin. Anyway, they both are gone – hopefully the whole thing – but it was bad timing for driving home yesterday and for going down to New York today.

Both areas hurt enough for me to take one of my strong pills last night. Obviously I can't do that when I drive, so I'll probably take some Tylenol. I need to limit it due to the effects it has on the liver, but taking a little is better than being in pain.

After it was done I thought I probably should have pushed it ahead a week, but then again it's better to get these things off sooner while they are still small. So.

I would have stayed an extra day in Newton, but I powered back home, having things to do.

The traffic around my two Starbucks was pretty heavy, so I got on the Pike and thought I might drive un-caffeinated. No luck with that. I needed coffee.

At the first rest stop I saw a sign on the door advertising a free coffee during breakfast hours at the McCafe. The doctor had told me to avoid hot coffee, so I went up the counter and asked for a small iced coffee. The woman said she had only medium and large. OK, I said, I'll have the medium. I saw that she charged me, so I asked about the free coffee. She said that was only for a small, whereas iced didn't come in small.

I thought of doing a Jack Nicholson act and saying, "Well, can you fill that medium cup half-way and then it will be a small?"

Maybe they were charging me for the ice cubes.

It was not the best coffee and it was not the worst, and in any case it kept me awake.

First world problem for sure.

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